The objective of the mission is to restore basic principles of humanity back into society, to reverse the physical ,emotional, financial and spiritual abuse many low income families have been subjected to.Because of the social, racial and economic division .many families have been subjected to poverty.Due to the expanding growth of incarceration in the united states many families have be forced to raise children without a active father. if this  trend continues one in three black males born today can expect to spend time in prison during his lifetime !


kairos moments is a showcase  that has been formulated to bring awareness to mass incarceration and the effects it has on families. I am the wife of a man that has been wrongfully convicted and sentenced 25 years to life for a crime he did not commit.Before this my views on prison were like most until it directly effected me.this journey has opened my eyes and mind to  understanding how incarceration effects the woman, children and society as a whole. I have experienced the hurt ,pain and struggle like everyone else that has been subjected to this system whether rightfully or wrongfully convicted. I have Been ostracized penalized mocked and laughed at due to the stigmas that are affiliated with imprisonment. All in all I have personally lived the things that families are afraid to speak on due to the lack of empathy and knowledge that their peers an support systems should have. This problem not only directly effect me but it is indirectly effecting us as a society and race of one is excluded from this harsh reality ,at the rate that this is going it is to be expected that one in three black males today can expect to spend time in prison during his lifetime which simply states the majority of our children’s futures have already been predicted, subconsciously oppressing their state of mind before they can figure out who they are!

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